Making D&I work - An advance online course for senior management

Often repeated and explorative questions we hear in the D&I arena of corporate organisations is:

Why in-spite of best Intentions, policies and interventions the impact on the ground - net business results, robust talent pool, more diverse senior and top management is not seen?

Simply ensuring or having diversity through, gender, age or geographies is not adequate to reap the benefits of having a diverse work force. The clincher is, given a diverse workforce, how are organizations today striving to promote quality, respect, and trust across multiple teams and geographies composed of heterogeneous people in terms of age, gender,experience, talents, generational differences, sexual preferences, physical abilities, and national cultures?

What does it take to go beyond the tokenism as necessitated by social or legal demands and to create a culture that celebrates diversity and is inclusive in its truest essence?

This Live and interactive online course responds to the specific question, to build a critical understanding of the D&I field and its nuances that can usher in significant results in organisations.

About Celebratory Network

Celebratory Network consults organizations on Organization Development & Diversity and Inclusion. Our focus is on the humanistic approach to leading change and being future-ready

Learning Methodology

Live online course, with interactions focusing on experimentations, discussions, case studies, interim application project, to deepen the learnings.

The Course Enables Participants to:

  • Understand the critical factors that requires strategic shift in designing and implementing D&I interventions that are based on equity beyond the equality and equal opportunities, etc.
  • Build capacity to design D&I audit in organisations and customise the interventions based on the outcome of the audit
  • Offer an Indian lens to culture specific D&I design of interventions, strategy and action in organisations

For Whom

  • Those who want deeper understanding of D & I to develop better design, strategy, systems and interventions in D&I
  • Those who can influence the organisation as leaders /consultants

Diversity & Equity in Organisational Processes

Focus of the Sessions

  • Beyond the D&I rhetoric-Grounding on the basics of Equality,Equity ans Inclusion ans more
  • The perceptual filters/habits that generates limiting beliefs to the 'Inclusiveness' culture and cause diversity blindness
  • D & I leadership Imperatives-values/beliefs/competencies
  • Designing D & I interventions and developing strategies
  • Diversity audlt

Programme Details

7 months
(April 2018 to Oct 2018)

6 Session + 1 Project

120 Minutes,
Once a month


Bhanumathy Vasudevan

Career profile for over 35yrs spans across a range of roles such as teacher; mentor, personal development consultant to individuals and groups, Social researcher, (OD) and Diversity consultant.She has been a principal consultant of the long-term OD interventions in Tube Products of India (Murugappa Group), L&T cements, Awarpur, Thiruvarooran sugars, Titan Watches , TVS Electronics, to mention a few. She is also a visiting faculty for Women’s Leadership programs and Exploration of Role and Identity (ERI) for Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

Payal Gupta

Payal Gupta focuses on Leading Change for Organizational Effectiveness and Diversity and Inclusion.In her recent assignment she is working with Organizational Culture and Change, Diversity and Inclusion, Building Coaching Capability. She brings in the awareness of Human Process Consulting at a self, group and organizational level. Payal has worked with clients such Piramal Group, HUL, Aditya Birla Group, L&T, Liberty Videocon. Her work in OD has been published in the recent Organization Development: Behavioral Science Interventions for Organization Improvement. She teaches in SP Jain and NMIMS.

Programme Fees

Course fees 46,500 including GST

The fee covers cost of Tuition,reading material,project guidance.

The fees should reach us before ddmmyy to block your seat for the programme

Group Size

Limited to 15 participants

Programme Flow

Session 1
19th May 2018

Understanding the nuances of the equity dynamics in D &I -that poses challenges in implementation

Session 2
9th June 2018

Understand and own the perceptual filters/habits that generate limiting beliefs/ biases/ stereotypes, etc., in the process of 'Inclusion' and cause diversity blindness

Session 3
14th July 2018

Power in Diversity, Marginalization, Diversity Categories

Session 4
18th Aug 2018

D & I leadership Imperatives - values/beliefs/ competencies

Session 5
15th Sept 2018

D& I Audit

Project/Session 6
13th Oct 2018

Application Project

Session 7
17th Nov 2018

Strategic Interventions for Diversity & Equity