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I enjoyed the session and found value in it. I appreciate Payal’s style of facilitation – we were allowed to be at ease with ourselves, were encouraged to explore and it was ok not to ‘be perfect’, were given opportunities in a safe way to release any ‘energies’ we may have with respect to the organization and also an opportunity to see how the organization is ‘being seen’ by fellow employees. Thank You.  I appreciate that Payal was the facilitator, the director and that the participants were the real actors, the heroes. Space was given to them to be so. By the end of the session some of us picked us some skills and were speaking ‘the language’.
An Insurance firm

“I know Payal for almost two years now, she has a friendly and simplistic approach towards Coaching. During her initial days as a Coach, I approached her for assistance. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement she helped me make amends and some changes in the way I approached challenges faced. I have gained from the sessions and realign my focus to what I want has allowed me to take certain decisions. Thanks a lot Payal for the help.”
Brillian S K

Most of us who attended the workshop would agree with me that this was one of the best workshops we have attended in our careers.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Payal Gupta for making our team believe in themselves and instilling confidence in each one of us. At the end of it the difference was there for all of us to see.
Thanks again Payal for bringing out the best in all of us and we look forward for more such opportunities.
Head of Finance, India’s Largest Media House

Payal’s approach and interaction-style was comforting helped participants to open up. The human chain was very powerful, the timing and need was apt, facilitation was good. Post-lunch it exhibited an understanding in the participants on what was being done (came out from their sharing).
Research based firm

The entire discussion on OD interventions with the help of case  studies was indeed very enriching for us. The session was extremely interactive and huge emphasis was given on the practical aspects of  the interventions. This practical  approach and exchange of ideas through smooth delivery helped us understand the concepts even better. As OD is not generally counted as the main area of HR functioning but after the session we all were convinced about its significance and how the positive changes can be brought in the organization through some effort. Additionally, the circular questioning exercise was very interesting and gave us an insight of how can we look into the hidden behavioural pattern of an individual through some in-depth questioning. The technique used in the interview was indeed very
useful. Personally, this session has generated lot of interest in the subject of OD and left me even more curious to know about the intricacies of the interventions and we really wish to have more of such sessions in future.
Ankita Vohra


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