Consultant Team

Celebratory Network believes in co-creation, our team members are committed to the same beliefs. We come together to explore possibilities with clients that wish to be future ready. We learn from each other support each other in following our vision .

ameetAmeet Mattoo 
Expertise: Organisation Development Human Process Consulting, Coaching, Achievement Motivation.


IMG-20140415-WA0000Ashwani K Jain
Expertise: OD, Change Management, Leadership Profiling, Business Consulting


Jaya Nuty
Expertise: Diversity, Compassionate Communication, Appreciative Inquiry, Teenage Behavioural Expert.


Jayaraman G
Expertise: HR Practices, Competency Mapping, Succession Planning.


manishaManisha Jayaraman

Expertise: Emotional Intelligence, Teen and Parent Relational Focus, Women Leadership and Coaching.


Mohua Banerjee
HR Practices, Competency Mapping, Succession Planning, Performance Management.


Poonam Nawale
Expertise: Organization Effectiveness, Youth and Women Behavioural Expert, Dance and Movement Therapy.


Trupti Karkera
Expertise: Community Building, Teenage Behavioural Expert.


img_zebZeb Waturuocha, Ph.D 
Expertise: MBTI, Coach, Behavioural Sciences Expert, Appreciative Inquiry.

Manjula Mani

Expertise: Growth Partner