Diversity and Inclusion


The way Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is seen and experienced in India is very different from the way it is approached in the west. India as a nation is diverse, we have multiple religions, rituals and practices. We have made some progress in the Corporate context however there is lots to do. Your organization could be based in India or could be a MNC, D&I from the Indian context needs to be looked at very differently. Even today when I talk to my clients about D&I most of them are taking baby steps. Today the beginning is being made by focusing on gender solely, the other areas are just given some peak. MNC’s have done what the global parent has asked, however they are still looking at support to make the work on D&I more local. In the Indian context one needs to focus on the localization of D&I: caste, creed, status, gender, generations, regions and lots more.

At Celebratory Network, we engage with organizations in the context of their environment. Our focus is to work with how the organization views D&I, create safe spaces through our Conversation Circles, engage with the Unconscious Bias, identify Organizational Blind Spots, create awareness on factors that effect inclusion and meritocracy.

The Unconscious Bias impact in Organizations

Do you understand the importance of understanding where your unconscious bias comes from and how it impacts the quality of our day to day decision making, organizational growth and more? Understanding and mitigating biases will have an important role to play in improving your chances of attracting, retaining and advancing your talent pipeline. Good analysis by good managers does not always lead to good decisions. Research tells us that only 5% of our decisions are made consciously and 95% of them are being made unconsciously. Did you know for example, that interviewers holding a hot drink were found to have a more favorable impression of candidates than someone holding a cold drink? What might that say about equitable treatment; fairness and the meritocracy?
Can we really be inclusive if our blind spots are getting in our way? One of the myths around Diversity and Inclusion is the idea of a meritocracy. There is no such thing as the innocent eye; we all view objectivity through the eyes of our own subjectivity.

Everyone has biases. Our Unconscious Bias workshops explore perceptions, attitudes, blind spots and tendencies that may impact individuals themselves and the people around them.

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