Teen Cafe



conversationcircles_1TEEN CAFÉ is an adolescent-child* focused 60 minute experience where the Child and a Behavioural Expert engage in an informal conversation over a ‘Cup of Coffee’. These conversations are structured, guided and built on a scientific methodology. **

During the informal conversation, the expert captures the behaviors and traits which influence the child’s overall personality, individual learning capacity, academic performance, social conduct, and choices towards the future.

TEEN CAFÉ offers Parents, an opportunity to better understand their child’s overall thought processes about the future. It provides key insights about the child’s acquired Value Systems, Aptitude, Learning Intention and the Dominant Socio-Economic to Peer-led Influences.

* Adolescent Children studying in Classes IX, X, XI, XII or in age group of 13-20 years

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The core objective of the conversation is to generate an exhaustive Non-Academic
Competency and Behavioural Profile along with recommendations of next interventions.

At TEEN CAFÉ we call this profile, The Talent ScorecardTM

The Talent ScorecardTM is an individual child’s behavioural and competency profile which can be used or shared by the Parent to inspire collaborative action and support the child during these formative years.

As a key aspect, along with the child’s own complexities, TEEN CAFÉ focuses on directly addressing Parent’s concerns about their child through In-person and Telephonic connects between the Expert and the Parent.


Becoming a Teenager is a crucial time in a person’s life. It is at this time when the view about self, family, peers, society and the world at large undergo a huge change. Not only does the child question ‘who am I & what can I do in life’ but is also expected to make appreciable life and career choices. This builds a lot of pressure resulting into negative or ‘odd’ emotions, unrealistic expectations from the self or surfacing of complex behavioural issues.

Similar to the Annual Academic Report Card, as of today, there is no record made available through the Education System which profiles the child’s Non-Academic Behavioral aspects for the parents, teachers or school to consider before adopting any retention or guidance approaches.
This is where TEEN CAFÉ step in.


Scientific Methodology behind TEEN CAFÉ
The TEEN CAFÉ is modeled on the concept of Assessment & Development Centre Methodology, one of the most widely used competency mapping frameworks in the Corporate World. Through a structured interview process called the Behaviour Event Interview (BEI), we map the child’s Behavioural and Skill Competencies thus paving a way for relevant developmental interventions. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative within the academic space. It is important to note that the TEEN CAFÉ experience is NOT a Psychometric Assessment or Brain Mapping or Finger Print Mapping Test or Career Counselling Session.


How to book the Sessions

Step1- Duly Filled form sent to TEEN CAFÉ by Parent / Guardian Click Here
Step 2 – Payment to be made by the Parent / Guardian
Step 3 TEEN CAFÉ – shares the session details (Date, Time and Location)
Step 4 – Teen (only) Attends the one-o-one Session with the Behavioural Expert
Step 5 – Session Report – Talent ScoreCardTM emailed to the Parent / Guardian. This report helps the Parent Understand the TEEN and looks at any further interventions (Behavioural or Career related) are needed to help the TEEN.
Step 6 – 15 min Parent-Expert Telephonic conversation to discuss the Talent ScoreCardTM
Step 7 – As a first step in the assessment, TEEN CAFÉ collects extensive information about the child based on demonstrated behaviours and competencies. Parents can connect with the TEEN CAFÉ expert in the future to discuss any emerging behavioural concerns and ways to work with them.


TEEN CAFÉ, is an initiative by Institutional Excellence Forum in collaboration with Celebratory Network