Curiosity is the strongest tool of engagement. From curiosity comes real conversation. Curiosity is the instrument; Reflective thinking is the outcome

Conversation Circles (C2) invites deep meaningful conversations and deeper listening amongst the participants. It’s a platform where leadership is shared, diverse perspectives are heard and appreciated and people feel free to speak from the heart.

The power of C2 comes from sharing of ideas and thinking together in an environment that nurtures innovation, curiosity and exploration. C2 enables the collective minds of participants to truly connect and communicate.

Guiding Principles of C2:

  • Communicating information, brainstorming and creating new ideas
  • Creating a space for employees to tell their stories, talk about their vision, mission, inhibitions and concerns.

Conversation Circle in Organizations

Conversation Circles help organization to build a culture of listening and transparency. The diversity of stories /experiences shared enables a reflective journey of finding a new meaning to work, relations and life. This space helps organizations, leaders and individuals; Pause and Reflect, and discover deeper realms. Essentially Conversation Circle is the journey from Corporate Silence to Corporate Voice

Outcome of C2:

The individual action as well as group action benefits from shared wisdom and creativity of C2. Participation in this endeavor evokes emergent thoughts, themes, connections, ideas, understandings, actions, energies, dreams and possibilities. 

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Themes of Conversation Circle