Theme: Future Readiness for Leading Change


Future Readiness for Leading Change (FRLC) is a space for practicing and aspiring internal Change Agents in Organization Development and Change Management. FRLC is designed to share and listen to the case studies of Internal Change Agents. These change agents are the ones behind the scenes. They work with a vision to set the organization for success. They see multiple perspectives; the eyes and ears of the organization that help in building possibilities. We invite all the internal change agents to join us on the Thursday, 27th June 2013 at Mumbai to learn more about what internal change agents do, what they experience and also share your own experiences. This conclave is a space for internal change agents to learn from each other, to move beyond the realm of operations to a world of possibilities, leading to organizational transformation. Rarely, does one hear about these stories of change, we have requested our Speakers to share their organizational case study on what did they did, how was the journey and where does it stand today.

The intent of this conclave is to create awareness of OD & Change Management practices and bring internal change agent stories to the fore front. The case studies shared would bring perspectives of self as an instrument of change, leadership change, group work, organizational transformation and impact at a national level. This forum invites you to connect, converse and collaborate. The forum is a space to learn with other co-learners so we are looking at having a small number of 35 participants only. Participants who are existing internal change agents and aspiring to be internal change agents are invited. The conclave intends to be informal, where members get easy access to each other and there are open conversations. All of us who come are learners, some with more experience, some ready to gain more experience. So, join us to be a future ready change agent.

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