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Happy Workplace CulturesTM (HWC)

Engaging the minds, hands and heart of talent is the most sustainable source
of competitive advantage
Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace


Workplaces and Cultures are changing to become more relevant, in the current business scenarios that are driven by disruption. Such changes call for a workforce which can deal with challenges, be creative, at the same time to bring out the best while achieving business results. In such a CHAORDIC (Chaos + Order) business environment, organizations need to be geared towards the future of work.

Designations like Chief Happiness Officers and Chief Experience Officers (a new name for HR!) evolved to bring more meaning to the purpose of what Human Processes needs to focus towards.

At Celebratory Network, in our work on Organizational Culture, we often hear leaders say, “what do employees mean by saying they are unhappy”. Leaders see Happyness as fluffy, esoteric and abstract. We believed that there was something beyond, there is an element of functionality to it. Hence, we did a research with working professionals to understand Happyness at Work and its various elements. Through our sensing we were proved right, “Happiness is now becoming an important factor at work”.

Here are some statistics on the effects of happiness at work:

  • 300% more innovation (HBR).
  • 44% higher retention (Gallup).
  • 37% increase in sales (Martin Seligman).
  • 31% increase in productivity (Greenberg & Arawaka).
  • 125% less burnout (HBR).
  • 66% fewer sick leaves (Forbes).
  • 51% less turnover (Gallup).

Our research conducted with professionals across the globe, “to understand what brings Happyness at work”. Click here (infographics), to see the findings.

Our work on Happy Workplace CulturesTM (HWC) is a process that discovers the enablers and blocks of Happyness at work.

Our HWC framework is based on research and it recognizes the collective and organizational; Happyness alignment. Our approach of unearthing Happyness at Workplaces is a process that surfaces deeper insights, along with the HWC tool that fulfills the need for the metrics.

Caution: we are not offering any comparisons. If you have a deep desire to nurture a Happy Workplace; in the context, your organization belongs, then, HWC is what you need to explore.


  • To understand and assess the current state of the organization – what enables and blocks happiness at work and its impact.
  • To learn and understand the meaning of happiness at work; its framework and determinants.
  • To build organizational capacity to bring happiness to various parts of the organization; People, Process engagement, Results and Culture (ways of working).
  • To minimize areas that stress the organization; wherein they block happiness.
  • To measure the impact of step 3 and 4 and the increase in Happiness at work.

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Definition – Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company. – Happyness at work is experiencing flow, which in turn leads to connectedness and progress. Accessing the whole person at work.- Flow is the state of complete absorption in the current experience. A state in which people are so involved that nothing else seems to matter.
The Focus Parameter of Engagement revolve around,- Pride in the company.- Intention to stay with the company.- Likelihood to recommend the company to friends or family.- Motivation to go above and beyond for the company. Happy Workplace Cultures- Focuses on understanding the Alignment or lack of it between the Individual and the Organization.- Accesses the whole person in the organizational context.- Brings elements of the being and doing of the person and the organization.

– Discovers enablers and blocks of Happyness.

The Process – A survey is used to assess the engagement.- The findings are 90% times not shared back with the organization.- Most interventions are ready-made answers around fun activities, committees being formed, some trainings. Happy Workplace Cultures brings,
– a tool that accesses the intuition of employee.
– brings understanding who are the employees as individuals.
– employees experience of the culture and the ask for the desired culture.
– engage in dialogues to learn stories that are enabling and blocking Happyness.- Immersive experiences / processes are designed to enable Happyness at work
Success Determinant – Scores are compared to be good and not good based on the industry mean. – Does not compare scores to any organization.- Believes that when leaders are different, people are different comparisons are not a true judge of the learning effectiveness.- Works with needed interventions and it’s impact to determine the success.
Interventions – Some do not bring interventions post the assessment.- Some bring interventions that are ready-made solutions to all organizations. – Designs and delivers immersive experiences, processes, based on the findings during the discovery phase of the organization.- All interventions are designed to the organization’s context, none of the interventions are readymade solutions.