If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be - Maya Angelou

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I enjoyed the session and found value in it. I appreciate the facilitators style of facilitation – we were allowed to be at ease with ourselves, were encouraged to explore and it was ok not to ‘be perfect’, were given opportunities in a safe way to release any ‘energies’ we may have with respect to the organization and an opportunity to see how the organization is ‘being seen’ by fellow employees. Thank You. I appreciate that the facilitator, the director and that the participants were
the real actors, the heroes. Space was given to them to be so. By the end of the session some of us picked us some skills and were speaking ‘the language.

Jayesh Sampat

Liberty Videocon
Happy Workplace Cultures has made us look at ourselves and what we contribute or not to our own Happyness and that of the organization. It brings in ownership from all stakeholders to meet results, be happy and grow. Irrespective of role and designation we learn how to make ourselves and the workplace a happier place” – Client shifted from working with Employee Engagement to Happy Workplace Cultures.

Consulting firm in Dubai

Payal Gupta has an incredible ability to convey hard facts in the most non-contentious manner. This certainly helped our organisation to delve deep into our gaps and weaknesses while planning our way forward. Truly appreciate the Celebratory network team for their commitment and guidance..

Karon Shaiva

Idobro Impact Solutions
I have known Payal for years now. She has a friendly and simplistic approach towards Coaching. I approached her for assistance as a Coach. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, she helped me make amends and some changes in the way I approached challenges faced. I have gained from the conversations and
realigning my focus to what I want has allowed me to take certain decisions.
Thanks a lot, Payal for the help.

Brillian S K

CRISIL Limited
I describe the conversation circle as a space for ‘renewal’. This space provides a connection through the exchange of narratives (stories) of whoever shows up in the circle. The circle also offers a space for mental exercises that enables one to process thoughts in a healthy way. Through acts of listening and speaking one is led to a state of what I would like to refer to as ‘productive anxiety’.

As one of our team mate put it “an energy booster” leading us to affirm it, to be a renewal circle.

Terene Braganza

YUJ Designs
Our organization was looking for support on improving our work culture. I learnt of Celebratory Network from a peer in My MBA alumni group and approached Payal and Kesha. From the get go they were eager to understand more on our organization , our culture and how they can support us. Payal conducted a day long workshop at our organization that was thought provoking, insightful and engaging. The associates were talking about the impact of the program for days to come. A big Thank You to the CN team for engaging with us and helping us have an honest conversation on inclusivity at the workplace.

Srija Chakraborty

Phenomenex India

We recently partnered with Celebratory Network Pvt Ltd. and conducted a series of very heartening sessions called “conversation circles”. They offer some truly relevant topics, and it was great to see teams sharing their feelings and experiences through a common chord. I must congratulate Payal Gupta for the outstanding work she is doing in bringing people together on such a platform within organizations. Goes highly recommended.

Nimisha Pathak

Alvarez and Marshal
“at first I thought, we will take up HWC, because it will be a new experience, but was very certain of how much will come out of it, besides some gyaan and tips. I must say, I have been happily wronged. HWC has given me a deeper insight into my people and where we are heading. It has helped us as leaders see what we don’t want to do and how to work ahead, to be leaders in our industry. You guys are unlike those organizations, which gives you generalized advice; you really know our pulse and are working with our reality and not some to do’s”

Signify, Europe