Shine like the whole universe is yours

Our learning interventions are designed to respond to the business needs of our clients. We do some open workshops also, where the group that comes is a larger and unknown to each other. Some of the focus areas of workshops are:


A program designed to work on bringing in focus on creating spaces, ways of being happy in what we do. An experiential methodology to learn, live, and implement the nuances of happiness at a personal, role and systemic level. This Program has an Online version of 6 weeks of two hours every week and an offline version of 2 hours in person. The intervention is a 42 day intervention.

  • Seven practices of Happiness that can be applied in your day to day context
  • Happiness Research
  • The Happiness Framework
  • Your enablers and blocks to Happyness
  • The level of happyness you operate from and how to push it deeper
  • Peer Learning


A unique program designed to equip key decision-makers with insights, experiences and tools to understand their organization’s growth trajectory and the impact on the organization’s future.

  • Skill to diagnose the root cause of organizational stuck-ness and problems
  • Differentiate problems which are normal and which are pathological and need remediation
  • Understand how organizations grow, age, and renew themselves
  • Learn to avoid the pitfalls of organizational entropy
  • The building blocks of growth and change
  • How to put the pieces of growth, culture and people together

ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION – Driving talent to work with inner motivations

The program covers different aspects of motivation, with specific emphasis on Achievement Motivation. Goal-setting, risk-taking, developing a language of achievement and the creation of an achieving climate will comprise the main components of the program.

  • Understand the concept of motivation, particularly Achievement Motivation.
  • Have an understanding of their motivational profile.
  • Develop insights to enhance their motivation to Achieve.
  • Draw up plans of action to put their insights into practice.

LEADER AS A COACH – Building Coaching Capability

Most Leaders today, still lead in the way that is not relevant to the context, which very directional. The leaders of today, need to shift to wearing multiple hats, and one such style is coaching. This workshop enables leaders to build coaching skills, which is a life skill today.

  • Core principles of Coaching.
  • Role-modeling desired values and behavior across the leadership team
  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Discover new ways of leading team effectiveness