Large Group Interventions

The butterfly said to the sun, “they cant stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime. If only they know, they can do it at any time and in countless ways
Large Group Interventions have been helpful to our clients when they wish to bring in inclusiveness and widespread participation in a change process. They have been an integral component in numerous organizational change efforts we have worked with across a variety of organization development initiatives, such as, organization redesign, restructuring, strategic planning, visioning, values and principles clarification, process improvement, customer/supplier relations, global learning and development, and formation of collaborative alliances.

Our offerings

Organizational Change and Transformation needs the whole system to be involved and that is what we offer via different Large Group Interventions (LGI). It could be a group of 100 to 1000 or more, each LGI serves a purpose to different systemics goals.

World Café

A simple and very effective method to engage a medium- to large-sized group of people in intensive discussion. Through a shared topic the collective knowledge and intelligence of the group suddenly come to the fore and then creative solutions and breakthroughs for complex subjects become possible. The World Café can be integrated with other large group events. It is always fun bringing very good results.

The Appreciative Inquiry Summit – A Future Meeting

The AI Summit brings the entire system into one room. The beauty is that the whole programme is about looking at what works at the various levels. It explores the self, the history, the learning’s and the future, which creates a great atmosphere. In terms of participant numbers, AI Summits are not limited. They can be held with 50 or 1000 participants. They usually last for about 2 days. The topics of the summit are: the vision for a new culture, strategic goals, or any other pre-defined topic. It creates a great energy in the system and creates new ways to work.

Future Search Conference

In 1982 Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff (U.S) designed Future Search Conference. Based on a distinct, clearly defined 2.5 days conference, the Future Search Conference enables up to 70 diverse people from an organization to discover and plan a common future. They get a deep understanding of their shared past, recognize their present situation, and develop a shared vision.

Open Space

If you want to develop innovative solutions with a group of 30 to 1000 people very quickly (in 1 to 3 days) on a particular subject or group of subjects, then this is for you. We guarantee very good preparation and an even better post-event implementation process. We find the method outstanding.