As we engage with multiple clients in work with DEI. We have often been asked questions, like –
– What are the various learning interventions that can be done in DEI (unconscious bias, allyship etc.)?
– How about just doing an intervention from an awareness standpoint?
– Is it necessary to have a DEI Council?
– Which dimension of Diversities are good to focus on?
– In India do we need to talk about race?
These and many such questions show up in our first few meetings.
While we work with clients in their Inclusion and Equity journey, we engage in what makes it real, that which has a business case for change and impacts the system.
We also think it is important to share with you as a part of the fraternity what our approach is. The image below is the DEI approach we take, a holistic and systemic one. We customize this for each organization based on their context and DEI starting point.
If you wish to explore what is a good starting or continuing point in the DEI journey for your organization, you can reach out to us. We would be happy to share this in your context – what, why, where, how and when.
As DEI practitioners we think and act on building the knowledge, skill and practice of Inclusion and Equity in organizations to make a business impact. We post educational material on DEI every week – Click here to get access to our LinkedIn Page.