Behavioral Patterns in times of a lock down

In the current lockdown period, when we are dealing with a lot of emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration. We at Celebratory Network see this as a time for the earth to heal and us to renew. We also see the other side of this time, individuals experiencing a renewed sense of connection with family, finding time to pursue a long-awaited passion, taking rest and more.
Today, the best, the most intelligent, the ever successful are also giving some guesstimates, no one has the right answer. So, where do the answers come from; it comes from human experiences, when we listen to voices, we get answers, then we can build solutions for ourselves, teams and organization. All of social media is flooded with; expert sessions telling you, how business will change, acquiring new skills, completing certifications and more… Where is the space to voices one’s reality, before being dumped with to do’s?
Our Conversation Circles (CC), which was first hosted in coffee shops in 2014, led to each one sharing what is happening to them, their experiences around a theme. Over the years we have hosted many CC’s in organizations. This time, it had a different way to of showing up. People are home, there is a desire to connect, know what is happening to others in the same spaces, share about what I am going through, experience my vulnerability and be. So, on 30th March we hosted the first set of Conversation Circles, this time online.
Some of the patterns that we saw through the circles were:
  • Many men shared, after many years of marriage I now see all that my wife has to manage. Many of them had also seen themselves as stronger but over the days, saw the wife being the stronger one, keeping the family together, managing everything.
  • Parents (working Mum and Dads) were joyful of being able to spend time with the children
  • Women, experienced the patriarchy of families and experienced the stretch with no maids, managing cooking, cleaning and office. Feeling upset about needing to ask the men to contribute to the household work, sometimes nurturing the children and the husband.
  • Some men, learnt to cook, cut, clean and feeling a renewed, by being able to contribute to the house. Meals meant more than just eating, it was now cooking, eating and cleaning. The lunch breaks from work felt shorter
  • Catching up with school / college friends in a long time. Some sharing recipes, some old-time pictures, some their talent of signing, dance, art and more
  • Keenness to know, how am I doing at work, is my job safe, what does my manager think of me, does he/she think I am working etc
  • Managers having concerns of employee wellbeing and productivity, sustainability of business
  • Weekends experienced a new way of bringing extended families home, via zoom housie, birthday celebrations, antakshari and more
  • In all of this, individuals discovered more about their families, the love, the respect and also the need for space while feeling an invasion of privacy during work hence needing space.
  • Emotions of being held as if in a cage, feeling punished for another countries doing, anger with offenders
  • Some shared the need for touch, wanting a hug from their families, friends, parents
  • Suffering the pain of no shopping, not having the variety of food that one is used to, not being able to meet many people, not being able to step out
Individuals who joined us, shared they felt being a part of a community, belonging to the group that heard them and also connected, there was fun, ease, tears and high emotions, a sense of self-discovery, hoping to engage further in this deeper dialogue.
By the 30th of April we would have conducted 20 Conversation Circles listening to almost 150 individuals, share their stories, experiences and desires.
Some individuals shared:
“­­it was more interactive than merely being a preaching session. Kind of energy booster for the day”
“There were so many occasions during all 3 sessions that gave us an opportunity to feel good about oneself, to reflect, have gratitude for what we have & the privilege we enjoy. I was especially happy to learn a new concept of the Insider & Outsider.”