In our conversations with Leaders about DEI we notice there is a larger good news and bad news. The good news is many organizations are moving beyond tick in the box work as far as DEI is concerned and the bad news is that there is not much known about the depth of DEI for leaders to get their organizations to take it up with complete commitment. Well, this is a paradox of soughts, the common patterns to support this are:
– DEI is a subject that has drawn attention and many organizations now want to take this up, yet many don’t know what is an effective starting point.
– The internal capability for DEI is not yet set to make a systemic movement so, the team needs support to feel adequate to deliver the DEI Agenda
– Many leaders wonder, do we need to really work on DEI when all is well, so why get into this
These are natural to happen in any space which comes in new in any organization. So, with our work in DEI for the last 13 years, we are stepping in to support this need to respond to the unknown, the dilemma of DEI.
Our CEO – Payal Gupta, will be available for a 30 mins call to hear your DEI context and support with what all that can be possible on the DEI canvas. This is an exploratory conversation, with no fees attached. All you need to do is bring your thoughts, questions, dilemmas to the conversation and she will share her experience, what are the options you can look at and offer a listening ear.
You can reply to this meeting to set up a call by responding to these questions:
1. Share two early morning (8-10am) and evening slots (5.30 to 7.30 pm) with dates
2. Who will be attending the call, name, designation and organization name?
3. What would you like to discuss?
Hope we can help you start and strengthen your DEI journey