The journey of being inclusive is also a journey of self-awareness and empathy.
This was the theme of the session facilitated by Payal Gupta, our Founder at Celebratory Network.
She facilitated a session for Lean In Mumbai, an internationally aligned network of professional women focused on working towards a more equal world of women.
Payal held the space for discussions, introspections, and sharing. The objective was to enable participants to better understand their own identities, the stereotypes they have experienced and overcome and look closely at the stereotypes and prejudices they hold as they interact with the world around them. It served to connect the group at a deeper level.
One of the participants shared: One thing that I absolutely take back to implement in my day-to-day life is “Looking within, to identify the stereotypes I have been holding on to, while interacting with people around me.”
The session closed with participants sharing their personal stereotypes that were broken during the session – and there were quite a few. This session worked as a great example of how sharing your stories, listening to others, and finding common ground can go a long way in helping each individual embrace diversity and be more inclusive.