An inclusive workplace and a happy work culture that makes employees feel like they belong: this is the task that lies before leaders and HR professionals today!
The greatest asset of an organization today is talent and tug of war for the best talent and their retention is fierce across industries today. As Gen Z gradually enters the workforce, recruiters are realizing that the currency of getting good talent on board has shifted: there is a need to keep in line with the ESG policies that boards are now demanding attention towards. Employees prefer Socially responsive companies.
As per Mercer’s recent research in this area, ESG policies of a company are considered to be key determinants among the workforce when it comes to selecting the employer of choice.
This above graph looks at the Social pillar of ESG policies and reveals the importance given by the current workforce and the talent of the future to issues concerning Diversity, Inclusion, Acceptance and more…
Another statistic from the same report shows that companies with higher levels of employee satisfaction and those perceived as attractive to students and young professionals have a higher representation of women on their Boards.
The purpose of sharing these data points is to help Leaders and HR teams across organizations better understand the ask of the employees today and in the future.
Shaping a more equal work culture starts now. Potential employees are increasingly looking to work with organizations that care for their employees, welcome and embrace Diversity in all its richness. With Gen Z projected to form 70% of the workforce globally by the year 2029, these aspects of Organization Culture will continue to gain even greater importance in the coming years.
Leaders need to pay heed to these markers and trends today, as it takes years to form the culture of an organization, and to sustain it.
Is your organization in line with the ESG needs of the Boards with respect to Diversity, Inclusion and Work Culture?
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