The number of organizations being actively involved in DEI has increased in the last two years, post the Black Lives Matter movement. DEI has moved beyond a tick in the box activity, to a more systemic and business focused one.
Yet, there are many organizations where DEI champions (business or HR) are not yet equipped enough to know about DEI.
(a) Understanding of DEI at a conceptual level
(b) A deeper understanding of the DEI language
(c) DEI practices and how one can lead as DEI Champion
(d) The pillars that enable DEI
To make your DEI efforts meaningful there needs to be a balance of practices, policies, learnings and building communities.
There is now an increasing need to look at equipping the DEI champions, leaders, sponsors to be effective in leading in the role of DEI supporter.
We at Celebratory Network are working with organizations, with our uniquely developed DEI training course to explore the DEI space and sharpen the understanding of the practice.
To know more on the course details and to customize it for your organization context, connect with us.