The Happiness Series

The Happiness Series has been designed to bring aspects, which enable learning, practice, conceptual clarity and experimentation in being Deliberate about Happiness. In the Series we choose those pillars which will help the WOMENT deep dive in themselves and look at their actions, mindset, beliefs and rituals. We all know, happiness is not the destination, hence it is important to make the choice of the pillars, and while doing do, it is meaningful to help a person walk the journey of happiness.
The Pillars that we bring to out individual practice of happiness are –
The search of human-kind is to be whole. Happiness is a step to achieve that and help the person to be complete.  Each Session is a part of the larger Happiness Series. Bring with you an open mind, a paper and book for all sessions.
Six weeks, 1.5 hours each week, daily reflections, research-based practices, actionable to implement