The Second Trimester

Its been 150 plus days since lock down in India started. Everything came to a standstill, a new phase began.
Just like families are happy to hear the news of a new baby that will be joining the family, the lock down also was received with high spirits in homes.
–       families started spending time with each other via board games, cooking new recipes, catching up movies, exercises etc and a new regime started.
–       many many businesses were almost as if on a holiday; while there were some trying to understand the gravity of this situation.
There was no reference point to seek guidance from and so the old and the young were all still making meaning of this. As we got deeper in this phase; in 15 days there came in some quick actions
No schools, Work from Home, No stepping out, Masks, Social Distancing etc. The new norms to manage the first trimester set in. Some followed, some went on with life as usual.
The impact was the numbers grew in the cases, but in business it declined. Questions around the impact on the Economy and Health were like two extremes of the pole, it became an either or voice.
We are now in the Second Trimester. They say the second phase is when you are getting used to the new normal, it could also get frustrating, the shift from Denial has happened, some are experiencing the depth of feelings, the deep pain and angst this is causing and some are moving to accepting the new reality with mindset shifts and new actions
–       families members today are co-exisitng, within each other’s spaces, some have lost jobs, many working for 14-16 hours. Roles have merged, reality has seeped deeper, the shadows of ones being are now seen, re-prioritizing life is staring you in the face.
–       businesses have pivoted, managing with the basic needs, short term focus means day to day to weekly reviews. Employees have begun multi-skilling; many leaders have manged to keep the boat sailing – some at even 10-15% of the business.
We have sometime before we enter the Third Trimester. How many Individuals, Families and Businesses would survive this phase and enter the next? Three priorities to focus on to step in to the Third Trimester:
1. Mental Health
2. Family Cohesion
3. Business – Cash Flow